Is this real or am I still delusional?

September 4, 2008

First of all: did autumn happen yesterday? Did I miss it? It’s just sort of here now, all sharp and chill in the air (thank god no more mugginess).

Second: I take a few days off work and what happens? Major changes are in force: there are going to be reshufflings including “finding people different roles” ie giving them jobs they hate so they’ll quit without having to be fired. They also changed the doorcode so I couldn’t get in this morning o.0

In all fairness we have been coasting along with too little to do for too long. I guess I was hoping/expecting they’d just find more work for us, like they kept saying they would, rather than laying people off, which they’ve assured us won’t happen. I’m pretty sure I’m safe, it’s a good thing I’m actually better at working than I am at slacking, it’s just all so serious all of a sudden. And I can’t afford to lose my job.


Losing the will to give a shit

August 22, 2008

It’s friday afternoon, after a busy week of doing the same repetitive irritating task three times and I am so relieved that this will be a three day weekend. I will be upset if my feelings of dis-ease develop into an illness because I’m not in the mood.

I am disappointed that a test I was supposed to take today has not materialised – a test that would lead me to gain extra training and special projects. Given that this was first mentioned 6-8 weeks ago and never again between then and yesterday I am not concerned about having missed the boat, just that it’s taking its sweet-ass time getting here. It’s probably for the best as my ill-humour and glowering headache will only hinder me.

Thinking about fantasy style characters (anything a bit non-human from popular culture) it occurs that the bigger the freak they are the more normal their personality is. The reverse isn’t usually true (hence boring people) but the enemies of these characters tend to be the ‘painfully normal on the outside just plain odd on the inside’ types. Do they become enemies because they both want to be a bit more like each other? Battling for years and achieving arch-nemesis status because they are both so angry at each other for wanting what the other has?

Interesting… it seems I am starting to understand basic concepts of narrative *headdesk*

Let’s play a game

August 1, 2008

Last night I had a more pleasant dream; quite literally about fluffy kittens. My cat’s kitten had a kitten of her own, more of a furball than an animal, tabby and adorable. I woke up thinking “aah” and then “weird that cat looks can skip a generation” and then “my cats have been fixed and I’m clearly developing catlady variant CJD” and then when I opened my eyes “omfg there is cat arse on my face”

Yesterday was a sad day. First because I had to go to the bank. Second because I hadn’t realised my standing order for rent had expired and despite fixing it and everything being ok now I don’t like to inconvenience my landlord. Not only because I like to pretend that my finances are in order but also because he’s a genuinely nice guy and not technically a landlord at all, just a person who happens to own a house. Third because of the whole British Gas thing( I’ve had to cancel half of my charity subscriptions so that I’ll be able to pay the bill next quarter. Fourth because I got rained on on the way back to the office.

Apparently the efficiency of my office stands at 52 per cent, a statistic our lady and mistress has been ordered not to repeat (I heard it as a dirty rumour and will assume from the glumness in that area of the room that it is true). This is not to say that we are all slackers, we work when we get assignments but we’re only given projects half the time. This probably stems from our content requestors being slow, apathetic or useless. Now though our low productivity is being secretly, gossiply blamed for the summer BBQ being cancelled and the lack of a pay review. Oh well. At least I have a job and time to spam the blogosphere.

I have invented a new game. It’s called Daily Fail Bingo. In each day’s publishings you must look out for the following:

  • A photo of a woman in a Bikini
  • A photo of a woman in a Bikini with no negative references to her weight/cellulite
  • A negative reference to abortion
  • An article about RealMenz/how womenz are destroying teh menz
  • An article about an aspect of womanhood that puts you in mind of the fifties
  • A lament by a femail journalist on how feminism has betrayed her
  • A positive view of motherhood and family values
  • A pseudo-science article about gender

I imagine you should be able to tick these off every day, the only real challenge being the second one – helpfully covered this week by Helen Mirren.

I suppose this is actually quite a bad idea as I shouldn’t be encouraging their web traffic, I just find is fascinating that there are so many sly attacks on women in virtually every article.

Slap my wrist

July 22, 2008

There are things I want to write about. Unfortunately I cannot write about them now as I have frittered away most of my available time today. I have had delightful catch-ups with my close friend who I had not spoken to since before my holiday. I listened to the radio 4 afternoon play because it was by my former tutor, and as much as I wanted to hate it I found it quite average (though I do think having 2 BBC correspondents as researchers was cheating).

I really should do some work, for although I have time until my deadline I was given this assignment a little early so I should try to finish it a little early. I feel I have been arrogant in assuming that I am superior and secure and should not take too many liberties. One of my colleagues who I have little respect for professionally has got a new job and will be leaving in four weeks to go to London. He will undoubtedly be much better paid there. As it is I need to keep my job for the stability it offers, though if they are already down a person they are hardly likely to fire anyone else. I can but hope that his salary will be divided amongst the rest of us to make up for the lack of pay rise. To be more serious when my partner gets a job I expect he will be earning more than me and combined we may start to have a comfortable life.

Peanut butter jelly time

June 6, 2008

If I had a choice, that would be my lunch. As it stands (or as I sit) lunch is beetroot soup. It’s good soup, I really can’t knock the quality of it, I just fancy a bit of PB&J.

After yesterday’s massive expulsion of energy trying to get as much work done as possible before asking for an extension today I have been unable to do anything. Untrue, I wrote one line that finished a section which allowed me to tick off one box. I wanted to or rather I should do five boxes today but it’s fairly safe to say that ain’t gonna happen.

Damn this apathy. It’s probably repressed concern for the cat’s pyrotechnic stomach – I woke to the sound of chunder, while I breakfasted she politely declined in favour of a bumsplosion, then before I left she reversed (cats don’t reverse btw, they turn round or fall over) between the recycling crates and brought up some bile that looked very similar to the parsnip foam I had once at a wedding. One of her eyes was a bit weepy but that may have been from the smell. She is a poor sickly baby. I am glad I can rely on my partner to fawn over her all day and try to feed her water and flakes of tuna. I hope she is well enough to leave alone for a few hours this evening as we are planning to go to the cinema. I have chosen to believe that she has eaten something foul and is not ill and will be back to her annoying face-poking-at-5am self shortly. After all, if you’re going to get up at 5am it might as well be in June when the sun is out.

The work/slack balance

June 4, 2008

It’s a difficult thing to attain, the work/slack balance. Yesterday I worked, and didn’t take a break to bum around on here. Even in the evening I was busy cleaning my house. It’s such a naughty house, skidding in the grass and jumping in muddy puddles. Today I have work but I’m not sure how much of it I can do – there are gaping holes in the information I have been given.

My female housefolk is attaining success – she has earned a place to learn a new career (or any career, given how much use our degrees have been the last couple of years). I am pleased for her, I hope this is the start of many years of goodness. She deserves goodness. She doesn’t know where she will be living though, so we are still having trouble over housing arrangements and the expiration on our current house is coming up fairly soon. cripes.

Tragedy has struck. The cat has blood on her paws. A blackbird calls for his lost love.

Although I do not subscribe to gender restrictions I can’t help take a little delight in the knowledge that today is the one year anniversary of starting my job, Housefolk Femme is embarking on a secure career path, and Housefolks of the male variety are languishing somewhat. I want them (except Epsilon) to do well, or at least do better, because I know they are capable of it and I know they would be happier for it.

A Parody of Virtue

May 21, 2008

I generally maintain an exterior of innocence – it’s annoying when people are suddenly astounded to hear me swear or express an opinion, or ask directions because I seem to harmless, but it does have its uses. Like having people assume I am sensible, or working hard, or couldn’t possibly have caused the large catastrophe in front of me.

Right now I am pretending to be busy by typing while those arround me natter on. The boss has stepped out to a meeting so people are pretty relaxed. Most relaxed of all is the guy who sits next to me who I assume is still in bed cos he sure ain’t here. I find him useful in case there is ever a ‘down-sizing exercise’ as he ensures that there is at least one person more likely to get booted than me.

I am a little down as my new assignment has been passed on to another person. I was told this is because she has done something similar recently, which may be true but I feel I am being chastised for not chasing up information I needed for my last assignment. I feel there was little more I could do but it still stands that my assignment has dragged on long after it should. Oh the impotence.

For those somewhat less impotent: abortion is still available to the 24 week limit. Excellent news. I can’t say I would want to have an abortion, especially not a late term one, but there is always going to be someone who needs to have this option. I am simply lucky to have never been in the situation to have to make that choice, but at least the choice exists. Of course even better would be if certain catholic politians weren’t following their own agendas and would do the job of representing the people who elected them.

I am not anti-religion – I told you about my religious experience last week – I just think it is a personal thing, not something you should impose onto others or that should effect your work life. We all have to make sacrifices in behaviour to get on at work at politics shouldn’t be any different. Just as you put on a suit in the office and save your jeans for the weekend, you must put on your work attitude and save your personal beliefs for places outside of this. It is for this reason I rarely socialise with people from work: I don’t want them to know what I am like behind my workface.

On a side note: M&S picnic food is the devil and should not be sold in train stations where sleepy-minded commuters with no self-restraint may wander in and accidently buy them.