Excuses excuses

September 19, 2008

It is so hard to work with a head full of smut. I’ve been researching since I heard a certain women’s magazine takes open submissions for sex stories. After a fasle start I’m almost ready to start writing. You can appreciate how hard that makes it to concentrate on consultancy services.

I’m also excited because my friends are coming to stay for the weekend *yay*

Bog stomping and other wholesome activites

August 18, 2008

Bog stomping is what happens when you go for a nature walk in the hills of south Wales during a severe weather warning and decide that the path just isn’t challenging enough. Stomping through waist high grass dotted with super spongy moss pillows under all of which is not so much the ground as eight inch deep running water is rather fun. It reminded me that although nature can make me fall on my ass it also provides a cushion for me to land on.

We also passed through an eerie rotting pine forest, proper wicked witch territory with the only light coming from the path. I could imagine making a horror film there, or playing goth dares. At one point we had  to climb down over some fallen trunks and any branch or tree near it would come away in your hand, too dead to support any weight.

I am inspired to find what natural spots I may be able to get the bus to.

I was also inspired by the many retellings of the baccanalia orgy to have some rather awesome sex when I got home. I think the line that clinched it for me was “Just remember, it’s not about the sex” so I took some time and did it properly. I almost cried it was that good.

I was also inspired to write another short story, after reviewing part of a certain soon-to-be-Dr’s novel. Damn him for showing me up by acting to achieve the things I only dream of. I am amazed by his plotting abilities; he must have been developing and sustaining his story for around 50,000 words now. This is something I find incredibly difficult and I envy him for it. My new short story, like the one I wrote last week, is under 500 words. Here is an extract for you:

“I fell into the indoor market and plummeted between stalls. People were walking at me from every aisle and turning. I had to dance around them all; I was so far inside myself they couldn’t see me. I didn’t want them to see me. I felt dizzy and sick. They didn’t want to see someone like that.”

The Electric Dude Interlude

August 14, 2008

This is the working title of a short story I finally put together last night. It’s a really short story. Less than 500 words. I don’t think it could be longer though, and I’m quite pleased with the first draft. Here is an extract:



“You alright?” I said, casual like.

“I don’t have a fucking clue what is going on.” She stared right into my face. Full-on at me. Not like girls in clubs with the sideways, half-closed, half-truth eyes. She was honest. She didn’t have a fucking clue.

“Neither do I.” I said. And she smiled.



Squee. Now I just need to write 200 more and I’ll have a whole book (/snark).