Your favourite kind of post

September 15, 2008

I know how much you love to read about dreams. I don’t often remember dreams but the one I had this morning was so vivid it felt true. I dreamed it was the day before I was going to go into space, a special privilege for having discovered a comet. I was staying in a large school-like complex but like most people there too excitedto sleep the day before the big event. I was nervous about having to spend so much time in so small a space, afraid I would get claustrophobic with no way of stepping out to calm down. It was a special night too, midsummer, but it didn’t get darker than the warm glow of dusk despite being three in the morning. It added the magic of anticipation.

Imagine then my disappointment when I woke up with a cat on my bladder and remembered my real job was in an office next to a concrete ringroad.