Politics scares me

September 8, 2008

And not because it’s complicated, or too much to understand. It scares me because of the way I look at certain politicians, see terrifying monsterbeasts, and then see loads of people loving and praising said monsterbeasts. It would be really easy to use Sarah Palin as an example here, Mrs “you can strip mine as many Alaskan national parks as you like as long as you birth that rape baby” but as I’m not American and have no voting rights in that country I’m going to leave that there.

What really concerns me, naturally, is my own country and the horrible certainty that we will see a Conservative government. I admit I see David Cameron as a monsterbeast. He’s all slippery and shiny on the outside, and uses a sneering tone of voice that implies that you’re the one saying something stupid. I have a fairly keen sense of when people are being insincere and Mr Cameron literally makes my skin crawl with how much of an act everything he does and says is. He’s just doing it for the media attention; why don’t people see that?

The man is a hypocrit. He claims to care about the environment then charters a plane to visit the arctic. He claims to be against the “social engineering” of the current government then talks of his plans to encourage more people to marry. He claims it’s the public’s own stupid fault for being overweight and yet how many in his cabinet have a BMI if under 25? I don’t understand how in the face of his obvious snobbish distaste for the British public he is still so well-liked. Or is this the type of person people feel should be in power? Is a hypocritical, snobbish media tart what people expect from a Prime Minister? If it is that is a damn depressing thought…