What does the z in zomg stand for?

June 18, 2008

I’m not sure if it’s for emphasis or if it means something specific. What you might call a headscratcher.

Zomg! No post yesterday due to unprecidented busyness. A cackload of work made its way to my inbox and I barely had time to compose a thought of my own, so busy was I expressing the will of others. It saddens me because I had promised to read something for a dear friend, which I now aim to finish this afternoon.

Zomg! Housefolk did not pass the army fitness test as he injured himself half way through. They have invited him back to try again later. This does mean he no longer has anywhere to go – an important factor in the housing debate. He has made many suggestions of friends and family who may be able to put him up and get him jobs. This is his pattern, to not do anything himself but depend on the kindness of others. I think he would be ideally suited to a corporate environment but after living in London for a year he didn’t get anywhere near an office job. Where is his motivation? His desire for personal improvement?

Zomg! My partner got his results yesterday and is now the proud achiever of a first class degree. He now has Bsc hons after his name. I am very proud. Tomorrow he will get his mark for his dissertation which I am very interested in as I read all sixty pages of it to check spellings etc. Nothing quite like having a professional spellchecker on hand. He is pleased and it has given him the confidence to apply for better jobs. I hope he gets a job soon – we will feel tremendously rich with two incomes and it will help when house hunting.


The work/slack balance

June 4, 2008

It’s a difficult thing to attain, the work/slack balance. Yesterday I worked, and didn’t take a break to bum around on here. Even in the evening I was busy cleaning my house. It’s such a naughty house, skidding in the grass and jumping in muddy puddles. Today I have work but I’m not sure how much of it I can do – there are gaping holes in the information I have been given.

My female housefolk is attaining success – she has earned a place to learn a new career (or any career, given how much use our degrees have been the last couple of years). I am pleased for her, I hope this is the start of many years of goodness. She deserves goodness. She doesn’t know where she will be living though, so we are still having trouble over housing arrangements and the expiration on our current house is coming up fairly soon. cripes.

Tragedy has struck. The cat has blood on her paws. A blackbird calls for his lost love.

Although I do not subscribe to gender restrictions I can’t help take a little delight in the knowledge that today is the one year anniversary of starting my job, Housefolk Femme is embarking on a secure career path, and Housefolks of the male variety are languishing somewhat. I want them (except Epsilon) to do well, or at least do better, because I know they are capable of it and I know they would be happier for it.