This is my About page. I feel I should be wearing my About face as I write it but then I wouldn’t be able to see the screen.

Some things about myself:

  • I am a smartypants 20something woman
  • I can’t help snarking despite meaning to be nice
  • I work as a copywriter and intend to write fiction
  • I am a bookwhore/catlady-in-waiting

I abhor doing things by default. Somethings may be necessary, like looking before you cross the road, but there is usually a sound reason for that. Doing things because you never even thought to think about what your real options are is a waste of brain cells. You have brain cells. Several of them. Use them. You’ll feel better.

PS: In case you were wondering about my tiny icon pic: it is a lolcat that looks like it’s standing horizontally on a kerbstone as if gravity is at a right-angle, and says “I is on my side, fuxing with your perceptions”

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