Bisexual Icon: Brian Molko

Gosh, I almost forgot to do this for this week. Goes to show the shelf life of my good intentions is about 2 weeks. I’ll add the icons list to my 101 things and see if that helps – possibly not if I get bored of that in 2 weeks…

Icon of the Week: Brian Molko


Apart from rumours about a random girl in my year 11 class Brian Molko was the first person I really heard of who identified as bisexual. I was 17, in the darkest depths of teenage angst, and Placebo really spoke to that market. More edgy than current emo music Placebo made me feel dark and powerful and marked my first real step away from mainstream music into developing my own tastes.

I thought Brian Molko was beautiful, probably the first man feminine man I ever saw (and a secret fetish of mine ever since). He has the kind of voice often called haunting but I think it’s more demanding – gathering in your attention so he can hook you with his penetrating eyes. I enjoy his music, and although no longer my favourite I will look out for the next Placebo album.


5 Responses to Bisexual Icon: Brian Molko

  1. bentcrude says:

    come do the interview on my blog..

  2. dsrunkendeadcat says:

    Now I’ll DEFINETLY be interested in seeing how your story develops on Nanawrimo 😀 I’m a bi fan of Brian Molko

  3. whatwouldvirginiado says:

    Huzzah! Bi Brian fans unite!

    Do you NaNo?

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m a huge fan of his. I really like him.

  5. anathema says:

    also a Brian-addict, Placebo fan (still my favorite band) and a (married, pretty much closeted) bi-girl. He’s STILL the most beautiful ‘ladyboy’ i’ve ever seen, or imagined.

    I’m seen as this bright, shiny optimist – he allows me to stay in touch with, and accept, my dark side, fragile self. His voice is as much demanding and haunting as vulnerable… that precious natural tremolo especially present in his earlier stuff breaks your heart.

    very much looking forward to the new album 🙂

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