Women’s writing


Here is an interesting article on female writing and journalism.

From what I’ve been reading lately (online and in Mslexia magazine) I believe that it’s probably very difficult for any writer to get started, genre writers are less likely to be respected in the profession, and that women’s writing is seen as a genre. Odd.

Despite this I would still like to publish under my full name. Just not here, obviously.

2 Responses to Women’s writing

  1. sahar009 says:

    I totally agree. It is so hard to get published nowadays! And you know what’s the most frustrating? I have already picked up some books that are written so utterly terribly that I wonder how in the world they got published and who in their right minds would buy it, let alone read it. Oh well. I shall keep writing until I get published 😉

  2. whatwouldvirginiado says:

    Good luck! I’m sure persistence and perseverance are the key. I think part of what makes it so hard for me to get started on things is knowing what a hard slog it will be to see real results.

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