Is this real or am I still delusional?

First of all: did autumn happen yesterday? Did I miss it? It’s just sort of here now, all sharp and chill in the air (thank god no more mugginess).

Second: I take a few days off work and what happens? Major changes are in force: there are going to be reshufflings including “finding people different roles” ie giving them jobs they hate so they’ll quit without having to be fired. They also changed the doorcode so I couldn’t get in this morning o.0

In all fairness we have been coasting along with too little to do for too long. I guess I was hoping/expecting they’d just find more work for us, like they kept saying they would, rather than laying people off, which they’ve assured us won’t happen. I’m pretty sure I’m safe, it’s a good thing I’m actually better at working than I am at slacking, it’s just all so serious all of a sudden. And I can’t afford to lose my job.


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