The man dropped the F bomb

Still sick. Have moved from barely eating to snarfing junk food. We’ll call that progress. Also, please excuse my meanderiness.

The other day my partner suggested I get dressed out of my saggybottom pyjamas into some regular clothes in a bid to make me feel better. I resisted; my chesty cough prohibited bra-wearing and having large breasts means that a lot of my clothes wont fit without a bra. He looked confused and mumbled something about feminism.

I’m not going to criticise him for not understanding feminism (although maybe I should) because he is at least trying to understand me, my thoughts and beliefs. And he does appear to see women as human. He just has preconceived notions of feminism and no motivation or opportunity to change his ideas. Thinking about it this is crazy as we have over 20 documentary channels – how about a little less Megastructures and a little more social history? hmm?

Anyway, back to my story. I was affected by his mention of feminism. I believe he meant it in a “why would you care what you look like now, when you’re in the house sick, when you’re usually so defiant about things?” way as apposed to any kind of bad way. In my fuzzy sick way I told him that feminism was about having a choice. If you automatically do the opposite of the supposed rules instead of following them you are just as much trapped and controlled by them. Every day I am still finding new things that this applies to.


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