Alas, The Consumption!

Yes I am sick, and I don’t do very well at being ill. So far today I have got up early to feed the cat and had two naps. My beautiful man-creature put me in the bath so I am relatively scum-free. Dizzy spells and wobbliness are far more fun than thick chest mucas but there hasn’t been too much of that. I don’t even know why I’m posting really, just that I should do it every weekday. I am also very pleased that I have had over 400 hits this month, though most of them based on searching daft things. Maybe I should consider telling a select few people I know to check it out. It just seems so… vain? I don’t know, I guess it’s kind of the point of blogging, to have an audience. But if I told people I would never know how far I could go, gathering accidental traffic and pretending that people read me.

5 Responses to Alas, The Consumption!

  1. Twisty says:

    Don’t tell anyone about your blog! I did, and now I get 27 hate emails every day.

  2. Twisty says:

    Also, that Heinlein novel is dudely Libertarian propaganda. Not that you asked me or anything.

  3. whatwouldvirginiado says:

    At the moment I can only aspire to hatemail, knowing I generated such a strong reaction from people would make me feel kind of important (can you tell I’m still feverish?)

    And I guessed about the Heinlein when I got to the part about the harem of bikini secretaries. Why is it that celebrated “visionaries” could create things like the delicately detailed martian thought process (the part of the book I enjoy) but still cast women in extremely limited stereotypical roles and to add insult to injury make them act like retards? When the introduction described the initial mission as having highly trained female doctors I’d had some hope. I guess their society went through a massive cultural regression between trips to Mars…

  4. Queer Pagan says:

    I’m still reading, though my identity is surely a mystery and you will have no clue as to who I am! Bwa ha ha, etc.

  5. whatwouldvirginiado says:

    Oh noes! a Queer Pagan? I’m sure I don’t know any of those, especially not tall, blond attractive ones…

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