emotions – doing something – cliched

There is no end to the amount of cliches available when talking about emotions. I don’t think I’ve been on a rollercoaster or that they have run wild. I have, however, had two emotional experiences in the last 24 hours which I’d like to share.

Last night I got a text from mother saying the dear old cat had died. She was very old, having been my cat since I was about seven years old, but the last few years she has really been my mum’s cat and spent every evening perched on her lap. I cried for poor old kitty, curled up in a hug on the bed, and new kitty Fattie came over to rub her face on my wrist in a genuinely concerned way. This made me laugh. I don’t think there has been a time I have cried in the last 5 years when something hasn’t made me laugh. Such is the strange nature of my crying.

Mother emailed me today about kitty, saying despite incredible deterioration kitty had still managed to make a glarey enough face to frighten a squirrel out of the garden. RIP kitty ❤

The second event was this morning, when neighbour returned from wherever he had been off work to catch the morning bus again. He lent me a book, Stranger in a Strange Land, saying that this was the 13th time he had bought a copy to lend to someone. He is truly a man after my own heart. Just the other night I had been looking at my bookshelf thinking that the best books, the ones that get you really excited, are the ones you need to share and end up lending out and giving away so that eventually all that’s left on your shelf is the dross. Which is a bit sad really as I aspire to a truly grand library.

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