Brain thoughts on life outside my head

There are things I want to write about at length but I don’t think this is the time. I’m still gathering my thoughts and it’s better not to be rushed. Something that has annoyed me this weekend is how hard it is to find a play showing that isn’t a cheesy musical. Musicals are like Heinz Beanz – the finest of beans, beloved by millions, and yet still just beans and not much good without toast.

I am planning to write more about gender disparity as I keep reading things that bring me back to similar ideas. As I was writing this I wondered if that also contributed to the view of musicals. The stereotypical view is that musicals are for women and gay men – feminine with bright colours and emotions. Real Theatre(TM) is serious, involves real acting and possibly ‘shakespearean actors’ – in short the highest form of the art. Musicals are on everywhere and run for decades, but are rarely regarded as high-art. They are more likely to be the lowest common denominator, the trashy beach novel of the stage. They may make the money but they are not respected in the same way. How did this lead to the less respectable musicals becoming the arena of women and queers and high art theatre being seen as more masculine?

I don’t know but I am annoyed, both because I want to watch a serious play and because I enjoy musicals. I’m sure I can even name more musicals that plays – is that wrong? Or just a reflection of our popular culture?


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