The writing’s on the, err, van

Sadly I do not have the power of technology or I would have snapped this and posted a pic. The van in question was a white one, the kind that often gets ‘grime graffiti’ written on its filthy backside to the tune of “I bumed yor mum” and other toilet wall style musings. This one said “cleaned by nhs” and it has made a huge impression on me. Politicised white van grime graffiti is not something I ever expected to see. Even just the use of irony is leagues beyond the average. Public comment on a contentious issue in a widely viewed space (outside the main train station). Ok so the cleverness of the irony is distracting me from how easy it is to tow the tabloid line about how filthy hospitals are but at least people are thinking, even if they are agreeing.

Personally I won’t slate the NHS because although I know they have problems without them I would most likely be dead.

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