Behaviour in the workplace

It is my firmly held belief that no matter what you may actually be doing you should always aim to look at least moderately busy. I feel quite happy blogging in the knowledge that all my boss can see is me typing away. She probably suspects I am not working because in this job we usually only type in short bursts compared to this consistent outpouring but she cannot know for sure and I’d like to think I get extra credit for trying/fewer demerits for visibly slacking. Today’s visible slacking activities include: loudly discussing the flash game being played, tippexing a flannel headband to make a Pat Cash costume.

Another shakey ground in the office is bad language. Obviously being writers all our language should be good (gluttinous chortle at terrible pun). I think it’s fine to swear casually in quiet conversation with one’s co-workers (unless you specifically know it will offend them – it’s never worth offending people in the workplace) but to shout and cuss vehemently about something so everyone can hear is not clever. Someone is likely to be on the phone with a client who may hear, it creates a distracting atmosphere, it makes you look like a raving loon and people may gossip about how much you had to drink at lunch, and your boss may here. Someone pointed out something about our boss today that I have long known: she may not look it but she is always on the ball and taking notes. It’s probably what makes her a good boss.

So of course I would never express too negative a feeling about what I am working on, or the client we work for, or pretty much any other aspect of my work. Mostly that is because I don’t really have any problems with it: the things that bother other people I either don’t mind or understand the reasoning behind. The thing that bugs me most if anything is my co-workers having loud coversations about sports (another inadvisable activity) that either bores me when I am between assignments or distracts me when I am trying to work. Still, that brings up another reason why I like my job and should seek to keep it: I am allowed to use headphones in the office.


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