Being new to the so called Blogoshere I had no idea how common circle-jerking was and how incredibly obvious my previous comment about it is. This embarrasses me. How can I complain about other people reveling in the delight of their own retardation when I fall prey to it myself? I suppose at the very least I can now see what I have done and freely admit it.

In other news: worst shopping experience of my life including an hour spent in the TB hotbox known as Housefolk Epsilon’s car. My glands were actually swollen for the rest of the day after that – if I wasn’t such an avid fan of fruit and veg I am certain I would have succumbed to a terrible disease. We were on this pointless car journey to what had been heralded as the most amazing hypermarket this side of Lebanon but actually turned out to be someone else’s local Tesco. The ceiling was low, the isles cramped together and clogged with obese children. The selection was not good, turned out more expensive than our usual shop despite not getting everything we wanted and we were all longing for death.The signs stuck on the shelves cheekily saying “cheaper than #insert name of rival supermarket#” just served to remind me of all the places I could be that wasn’t there. Plus self-promotion by denigrating others really pisses me off because it makes the offender look petty, callous and lacking in good qualities to brag about. Which they are, because they’re Tesco. Never, ever, ever go to Tesco.

Also never, ever, ever watch American Pie 6: Beta House. Unless you promise to turn off the sound and use it as softporn.

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