Lobotomised by lust

That’s not me, by the way, who was lobotomised by lust but someone who if not particularly dear is quite near to me. He is a fool, but at least now he is a free fool. Free range fool. But the phrase had to go in the title because it’s cool and I thought of it and I’d probably forget it otherwise. If I see the phrase occur anywhere in any form I will hunt you down like a sparrowhawk.

My bank holiday went two ways: friday and saturday I did cool things, wandered about places, saw baby fuzzy duckies, met randoms, played Rock Band, half poisoned my significant other but made it up to him with phenomenal *** (who knew I was shy). Sunday and Monday I felt like I was being invaded by disease and refused to go outside where there was angry weather. This was boring.

I did finish Tender was the Night though, and decided that it was rather good as depressofests go. Although i have to admit that if I was Zelda I’d be pretty pissed off by the implication that I had an unhealthy love for my father. I’ve now started her Save me the Waltz, so we’ll see what she has to say on the matter. I wish I was a faster reader. Admittedly it would have been more useful when I was at uni but I’d still like it now. I have so many books to read. sadface.

Anyway, short post as I actually have work to be working on.

PS: Have ordered new cds for the first time this year. woot.

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