A Parody of Virtue

I generally maintain an exterior of innocence – it’s annoying when people are suddenly astounded to hear me swear or express an opinion, or ask directions because I seem to harmless, but it does have its uses. Like having people assume I am sensible, or working hard, or couldn’t possibly have caused the large catastrophe in front of me.

Right now I am pretending to be busy by typing while those arround me natter on. The boss has stepped out to a meeting so people are pretty relaxed. Most relaxed of all is the guy who sits next to me who I assume is still in bed cos he sure ain’t here. I find him useful in case there is ever a ‘down-sizing exercise’ as he ensures that there is at least one person more likely to get booted than me.

I am a little down as my new assignment has been passed on to another person. I was told this is because she has done something similar recently, which may be true but I feel I am being chastised for not chasing up information I needed for my last assignment. I feel there was little more I could do but it still stands that my assignment has dragged on long after it should. Oh the impotence.

For those somewhat less impotent: abortion is still available to the 24 week limit. Excellent news. I can’t say I would want to have an abortion, especially not a late term one, but there is always going to be someone who needs to have this option. I am simply lucky to have never been in the situation to have to make that choice, but at least the choice exists. Of course even better would be if certain catholic politians weren’t following their own agendas and would do the job of representing the people who elected them.

I am not anti-religion – I told you about my religious experience last week – I just think it is a personal thing, not something you should impose onto others or that should effect your work life. We all have to make sacrifices in behaviour to get on at work at politics shouldn’t be any different. Just as you put on a suit in the office and save your jeans for the weekend, you must put on your work attitude and save your personal beliefs for places outside of this. It is for this reason I rarely socialise with people from work: I don’t want them to know what I am like behind my workface.

On a side note: M&S picnic food is the devil and should not be sold in train stations where sleepy-minded commuters with no self-restraint may wander in and accidently buy them.

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