What’s the point?

An acquaintance of mine got married around New Years, and managed to wait an entire three weeks before developing a parasitic growth. The fetus has just been announced as having passed the 13 security zone and they are now planning the move in to their new house (yup, just six months to redecorate, move in, and prepare for the new arrival).

So what was the point of spending £10,000 on a party when all they really wanted was to have babies? Why not spend that money on a bigger house? A savings fund for junior? Even just for security in case things go a bit pear shaped? To me it is madness. I am in two minds about whether or not to marry. I love my partner, and despite my principles I am pretty certain that if he asked me to marry him I would gush and squee and instantly accept (though what kind of wedding it would be is a whole different story). But if I did marry, it would be … well I’m not sure. Not really to declare our love to all and sundry because I’d want an intimate ceremony. Not to please God because I’m not part of a religion that would require that. And not to have babies, because I’m fairly certain my uterus will (or won’t, depending on the secrets of my internal health) incubate a fetus regardless of the paperwork.

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