101 things in 1001 days

Anymore space on that bandwagon? Yes? Excellent! Let’s give this old thing a go then:

  1. Submit a short story to Scarlet magazine.
  2. Submit to Scarlet until you are accepted (ie once every 3 months until time runs out).
  3. Enter the Mslexia annual short story contest.
  4. Enter the Mslexia open submission for short stories each issue (once every three months).
  5. Enter the Bridport Prize competition.
  6. Find other magazines taking open submissions and write to them.
  7. Research other writer’s mags and see if there are any worth subscribing to.
  8. Do NaNoWriMo. Every November in the 1001 day period.
  9. Write a novel-length story (outside of NaNoWriMo) and finish it.
  10. Redraft a full-length project.
  11. Write a poem (properly with considered effort).
  12. Get something into print (doesn’t include below).
  13. Write something for Mensa magazine.
  14. Write to the Mensa SIGs I joined and participate.
  15. Read all the books in the avalanche stack (100+).
  16. Watch the backlog of foreign language films.
  17. Read the books on the list.
  18. Read something drastically different (for me probably crime).
  19. Read a book of modern poetry.
  20. Write professional-style critiques of books you read.
  21. Write professional-style critiques of movies you watch.
  22. Write professional-style critiques of albums you listen to.
  23. Do a professional development course.
  24. Do a course in something fun just for the sake of it.
  25. Make a handmade gift for each person you love.
  26. Handmake every birthday card you send in the 1001 days.
  27. Sew a huge quilt out of scraps.
  28. Sew a picture and hang it on the wall.
  29. Paint 5 pictures.
  30. Sew an item of clothing you actually wear.
  31. Mod the worn out clothes you’ve been saving so they can be used again.
  32. As clothes need replacing, get replacements made of natural fibres.
  33. Make things I can sell (then I can call myself a professional *credentialsfail*).
  34. Meet up with old friends at christmas.
  35. Send birthday cards and gifts to more people (2 so far).
  36. Invite people to the house more. (5)
  37. Have a party.
  38. When you move house have a house warming party.
  39. Take partner on an airplane.
  40. Take partner camping (because he’ll like it).
  41. Take partner (and possibly others) to Alton Towers.
  42. Take partner to the Sealife Centre (which we’ve been saying we’ll do for so long it’s become a joke).
  43. Take partner to Brighton.
  44. Travel to Germany.
  45. See Berlin.
  46. See Paris.
  47. See Venice.
  48. See Edinburgh.
  49. See another random city.
  50. Find the Jewellery Quarter.
  51. Go to a local museum.
  52. See a play.
  53. See something at the MAC when it reopens (a year from now).
  54. See Phantom of the Opera (live, duh).
  55. See Amanda Palmer again when she next tours. Give her cookies.
  56. Exercise once a week. Keep score.  (total epic fail)
  57. Learn a yoga routine and use it to fix posture.
  58. Set up a compost heap/bin.
  59. Make the photobook of Birmingham.
  60. Pay off your overdraft.
  61. Start paying off your student loans.
  62. Put money into your savings account. Don’t take it out again.
  63. Stay up and watch the sun rise at midsummer.
  64. Swim in the sea.
  65. Have a picnic in a forest.
  66. Take an artist’s holiday in St Ives.
  67. Move house with partner to a couplenest. Make it tacky.
  68. Learn to cook 10 real recipes, not hashed together made up crap. (salmon fishcakes, carrot cake, pancakes, enchilada)
  69. Use at least some of those recipes to cut down meat consumption.
  70. Clear out my room and dispose of all unwanted stuff.
  71. Clear out my room at my parents house and dispose of all unwanted stuff.
  72. Learn to meditate properly (by myself without cheating).
  73. Go to the new Eddies.
  74. Don’t even set foot in a Tesco store.
  75. Don’t eat fast food (Maccies, BK, KFC).
  76. Check more carefully for Nestle owned products (to never buy them).
  77. Be in position to buy a house.
  78. Go to the dentist.
  79. Wean myself of television.
  80. Wean myself off sugar.
  81. Do NOT buy any books. Gifts and gift tokens are allowed. (fail)
  82. Give blood (scary, not because of the needles but because I faint, probably take an afternoon to recover).
  83. Actually buy the CDs of people I really, really like and fund it by avoiding impulse purchases.
  84. Learn to play piano (only if I can afford a keyboard/blag one for xmas off my parents or something).
  85. Get the train to Warwick and see the castle.
  86. Get the train to Stratford and do something touristy/pretentious to do with Shakespeare.
  87. Finish the DS games I’ve borrowed and hoarded from people.
  88. Save all my pennies for 1001 days (how rich will I be?).
  89. Update the Bisexual Icons page every week. (fail)
  90. Join the local library.
  91. Get internet banking (yes, I know, I’m about 5 years behind).
  92. Learn how to sell on ebay.
  93. Set up part-time freelance work.

Deadline: 7th July 2011

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